Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Susanna's Request (a Toddler-Child Pose Pack)


c_fh_susanna_request_2 (the boy)
c_fh_susanna_request_3 (the girl)

p_fh_susanna_request_4 (the girl)
p_fh_susanna_request_5 (the boy)

p_fh_susanna_request_6 (front/boy)
p_fh_susanna_request_7 (back/girl)

This pack was a request by Susanna. The two toddler poses were from these two pictures she gave me. They were so cute, but in the pictures they weren't smiling so I tweaked my poses so that they were. No one wants a sad toddler do they, Nope! So I hope none of you mind that they are smiling. :)
The first 3 poses of the children were requested by description. One pose is a child climbing onto the wall/fence (or climbing down), and the second set is the child on the wall, helping the other child get on too. In the second pose I did make a frustrated face on the boy to make it like he was using all his strength to help the girl up. I really didn't know what other face to put on him and I wanted it to look real. No one ever smiles when helping someone up, or least I don't. :P
Well I hope you all enjoy them and happy simming!
Enjoy! Enjoy!

(Side Note: The toddler poses of them on the chair works for none cushion chairs, if you want the pose to work for a cushion chairs and have them not sink threw the cushions I suggest you use OMSP.)

Pose List Compatible!!!


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