Thursday, October 25, 2012

Twilight Saga no.1 Pose Pack

I present to you the Twilight Pose Pack no.1. Someone on facebook asked me to make a pose for them and that pose was a twilight pose. I had so much fun making the pose that I wanted to do a whole pack. (plus I was a twilight fan ^_^)
I looked up a lot of photos from the movies that I wanted to make and it came to a total of 39 possible poses, but since 39 poses in one pack is a bit much and time consuming I decided to break them down to 4 pose packs, and this pack is the first of 4 (hence no.1 in the pose name and title). This first pack is inspired by some of the movie posters.
No need for ALT, the poses snap in place. I hope you enjoy these and I'll bring you more soon. :)
Enjoy! Enjoy!

Pose List Compatible!!!

You will need Cmomoney's Pose Player to use these poses.
The female sim's hair is from Newsea.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Car Accident Pose Pack (Requested)

 c_fh_accident_1 (child)
a_fh_accident_2 (woman)

c_fh_accident_3 (child)
a_fh_accident_4 (woman)

c_fh_accident_5 (child)
a_fh_accident_6 (father)

These poses were requested by the author of one of my favorite legacies.
This pack consists of 6 poses, 2 for each scene. 
First, the child and the woman in the car about to crash. The woman's pose ONLY works for the Classic Convertible that comes with the Fast Lane Stuff Pack. [I didn't have much time to figure out how to make it for other vehicles]
Second, is that of the woman and child on the ground after the crash.
Third, the father is holding his unconscious child in his arms, weeping.
It's a nice pose pack for storytelling. You can use all for a car crash or use them separately for different situations. 
Enjoy! Enjoy!

Pose List Compatible!!!

You will need cmomoney's pose player to use these poses.
The child's hair comes from Paint-Stroke.
The woman's hair is from Peggy.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Susanna's Request (a Toddler-Child Pose Pack)


c_fh_susanna_request_2 (the boy)
c_fh_susanna_request_3 (the girl)

p_fh_susanna_request_4 (the girl)
p_fh_susanna_request_5 (the boy)

p_fh_susanna_request_6 (front/boy)
p_fh_susanna_request_7 (back/girl)

This pack was a request by Susanna. The two toddler poses were from these two pictures she gave me. They were so cute, but in the pictures they weren't smiling so I tweaked my poses so that they were. No one wants a sad toddler do they, Nope! So I hope none of you mind that they are smiling. :)
The first 3 poses of the children were requested by description. One pose is a child climbing onto the wall/fence (or climbing down), and the second set is the child on the wall, helping the other child get on too. In the second pose I did make a frustrated face on the boy to make it like he was using all his strength to help the girl up. I really didn't know what other face to put on him and I wanted it to look real. No one ever smiles when helping someone up, or least I don't. :P
Well I hope you all enjoy them and happy simming!
Enjoy! Enjoy!

(Side Note: The toddler poses of them on the chair works for none cushion chairs, if you want the pose to work for a cushion chairs and have them not sink threw the cushions I suggest you use OMSP.)

Pose List Compatible!!!


Butterflysims 052 [retexture] by Paint-Stroke
Cazy Thelie [rexture] by Paint-Stroke

Thursday, October 4, 2012

'Girl' Pose Pack *Updated*

One of the poses in this pack has been fixed. The thumb on pose 2 was crooked and I went back and made it better. Now it's all pretty. :)
So if you have downloaded my 'Girl' Pose Pack please delete it and re-download this new one with the fixed thumb. Thank you! :)

This pack is small, only containing 4 poses just for the girls. Not much to say about this pack other then I made the 3rd and 4th pose for the skirt and hat, I'm not sure if the poses will work with any other hat or skirt. You can test that out for yourselves, but the hat and skirt shown in the pictures is what the poses were originally made for.
Enjoy! Enjoy!

Pose List Compatible!!!

To use these poses you need cnomoney's Pose Player 

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Family Pose Pack (requested)

Pose Names
Father: a_fh_family_1
Mother: a_fh_family_2
Baby: p_fh_family_3

This cute little family pose pack was requested on the Pose Makers Group on Facebook and I gladly offered to make it. The pose was inspired by the anime photo shown above.
It's an adorable little family pose that you can use for stories or as a portrait. I had fun making it and I plan to make more family poses in the future. :)
Enjoy! Enjoy!

 Pose List Compatible!!!

To use these poses you need cnomoney's Pose Player 
The toddler and mother's hair is a retexture from Paintstroke