Thursday, October 4, 2012

'Girl' Pose Pack *Updated*

One of the poses in this pack has been fixed. The thumb on pose 2 was crooked and I went back and made it better. Now it's all pretty. :)
So if you have downloaded my 'Girl' Pose Pack please delete it and re-download this new one with the fixed thumb. Thank you! :)

This pack is small, only containing 4 poses just for the girls. Not much to say about this pack other then I made the 3rd and 4th pose for the skirt and hat, I'm not sure if the poses will work with any other hat or skirt. You can test that out for yourselves, but the hat and skirt shown in the pictures is what the poses were originally made for.
Enjoy! Enjoy!

Pose List Compatible!!!

To use these poses you need cnomoney's Pose Player 


  1. Awesome Pack!! I have featured on my blog