Pose Requests

[This page is currently closed]
This page will be closed for a temporary time due to me having an over load of pose requests. Once I catch up in requests I will reopen it.
Thank you!!!

Got a request for a pose?
Comment below or message me on facebook!
Please tell me your request in as much detail as you can or post a link to a photo, and I will do my best to make that pose.
I might not get to making the pose right away do to me either having other poses to work on first, followed by me making chapters for my stories, or my real life keeping me busy, but if you need the pose done sooner let me know and I'll see what I can do.
All poses I make I will be putting up for download, so if its a pose your using for a story of yours and you would like me to hold off on posting it until you use it first let me know that as well.
Thank you and happy posing!! :)

(Side Note: Once I have the poses you requested up for download I will delete your comment below. The comments will remain on this page until all poses are made.)


  1. Could you please make some horror poses? like monster poses? there are some out there, but they don't work. this is the only place that works for poses. horror poses such as, being dragged across the floor, monsters, chained, blood...etc. please?