Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Family Pose Pack (requested)

Pose Names
Father: a_fh_family_1
Mother: a_fh_family_2
Baby: p_fh_family_3

This cute little family pose pack was requested on the Pose Makers Group on Facebook and I gladly offered to make it. The pose was inspired by the anime photo shown above.
It's an adorable little family pose that you can use for stories or as a portrait. I had fun making it and I plan to make more family poses in the future. :)
Enjoy! Enjoy!

 Pose List Compatible!!!

To use these poses you need cnomoney's Pose Player 
The toddler and mother's hair is a retexture from Paintstroke


  1. I am always looking for a good family pose set!! Nice work I have featured this as one of my top daily picks

  2. Aw, cute! I'll be testing this out soon!

  3. Thank you everyone! :D I'm so happy you all like it. :D