Tuesday, September 4, 2012

First Kiss (Sofa) - Child Pose Set

To start things off, AWE!! I just love these cute poses. ^_^
These two sets of poses was requested by two people on facebook. They wanted to use these poses for their kids who happen to like each other. ;)
Well I happily agreed to make them and after patiently waiting for them to use the poses in one or both their stories first I'm finally allowed to share them with you all.
Enjoy! Enjoy!

(Side Note: to need to use the alt button when moving the first set of child poses for you to be able to bring them closer and have her lips touch his lips.
Also, this pose was made for a flat couch so if you have a plush couch I suggest you use OMSP to raise them or otherwise their hands will go through the cushion.)

Pose List Compatible!!!

-->> Download <<--

To use these poses you need cnomoney's Pose Player

Here are the photos in use
Photos by Becks Best

Photos by Logan Fey