Thursday, April 25, 2013

We Love Jamee Shirts [Male & Female] ~ Gift

There's a few shirts I made in support of Jamee Snuffer, who is well known in the sim community on facebook. She is also one of several admins to a sims group on facebook where you can share you stories, creations, and help out others simmers in need. She also makes poses and writes really good stories.
You can check out her blog HERE.
Jamee is a great and talented person and a lot of people love and support her. So I made these shirts for me and other supporters to have our sims wear and take pictures, so we supporters can share on the group she helps admin. She loved them. :D

So now I'm sharing these shirts on here for more Jamee supporters to download.
There's 4 different logos.
Made for both male and females
Males shirts have 1 re-colorable channel.
Female shirts have 2 re-colorable channels.
Everyday wear.
Enjoy! Enjoy!


Newsea Only You [retexture] by Paint-Stroke.

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