Friday, December 14, 2012

More Group Poses- Band Photo Pose Pack

Today I bring you another request. Someone wanted more group photos and gave me two band/group photos to go off of. So here they are! You can use them as a group photo or use them individually and they can be like modeling poses or something.
Like my last group photo poses they can become 3 or 2 people group poses. They can also work for females but in my opinion I think they look better for guys.
I really hope you'll download and enjoy using them.
Enjoy! Enjoy!

Pose List Compatible!!!

You will need cmomoney's pose player to use these poses.
The blue male's hair is from Paint-Stroke.


  1. Hey Hailey,

    You make great poses, thank you!
    I just wanted to let you know that this particular set crashed my game. It might just be me, maybe it conflicted with something else I have installed, but I tested and I am sure that it was this set that eventually caused the crash.
    It's a shame, because I LOVE this set. You did such a great job!
    I just figured I'd give you a heads up. Maybe it's something you can fix?

    1. Really? :/ It hasn't crashed anyone else's game or mine. I don't know why it would crash. If it is my pose pack I'm not sure how to fix that. :/

  2. This is really awesome. It will come in handy for my rp sim band Trauerfal.. :)