Thursday, August 30, 2012

Toddler Love Pose Pack

Awe! Nothing is cuter then a couple toddlers, especially toddlers in love. ^_^
Here are a few poses showing off some toddler loving. With these cute poses your bound to melt anyone's hearts.
Enjoy! Enjoy!

(Side Note: You will need to use the alt button when using the first 3 sets of poses. They may seem to snap in the right place but you need to use the alt button to get them in the right place. To get the hands closer together in the first set, the lips closer in the second set, and to get her body closer to his body in the third set. The remaining two sets snap in place just fine.)

Pose List Compatible!!!

-->> Download <<--

To use these poses you need cnomoney's Pose Player
The little boy's top and bottom are from The Sims Resource
Cazy Thelie [retexture] by Paint-Stroke
Butterflysims 052 [retexture] by Paint-Stroke


  1. Very cute! You're really talented. Thank you :)

  2. These are wonderful, thanks so much for sharing!

  3. First let me say you are very talented with sims 3 poses and by no means do I want you to stop. your poses are very good

    However, I think many of your child and toddler poses are way too adult.

    I blame the toddler and tiara culture

    what toddler ( ages between 1 to 3 years old)has sexualized relationships where they kiss /make- out other toddlers? Which toddler do you know has developed bone mass and muscle to have the strength and coordination to carry another toddler of the same size? that not even possible unless you have a body builder baby

    the same awkwardness was placed with carrying poses of your child crush poses.

    babies are BABIES and children are children. I do not understand your obsession with children kissing. you would think one pose would be enough. This seems to be most of the poses you choose to make.I don plan to explore the sexuality of them before their time. This is the pacticiular reason we have underage laws.

    I just find these poses to border on pedophilia or what pedophiles tell themselves children are capable of understanding and acting sexual relationships. these poses go way pass the act of playing house. of which I'm sure would be your next pose set

    I truly intent this as constructive feedback. Or to at least let you know there are ppl concerned.

    Sarah Gomes

    1. First of all I understand what your saying, but I didn't make these poses to promote sexuality with very young children. I hate the show toddlers and tiaras and overall beauty pageants. I see nothing wrong with my poses, the kiss was just one peck on the lips not a make out session. I know toddlers in real life don't have upper body strength but these poses are just for fun. You can download them if you like, but if you really don't like them then you don't have to download them.
      I appreciate you telling me your concerns of my poses, but you don't have to worry about more poses involving young kids and kissing, these were just some poses I had in mind and wanted to make. I have a lot of other poses in mind not involving young romance so hopefully you'll like those a lot better and possibly download them.

      Thank you

    2. (not original commenter) I'm actually really glad someone else addressed this because it bothered me as well. I'm also very grateful you were mature in your response.

      That being said, I do LOVE your poses! And I have a lot of them in game! Keep up the brilliant work and thank you for replying the way you did. (I actually know some toddlers that greet with a peck on the lips, so I get that.)

  4. hey, i just want to thank you for all of these toddler poses! i seriously love them all! i want that hairstyle that is on the little girl but i can't find it on paintstroke. could you tell me where to look? that page seems really confusing to me hahaxx

    1. Hmm.. I can't find it. weird. O_o
      I'm gonna comment the blog and ask. Once I find it, I'll link it here.

  5. Gosh, these are so freaking adorable. ForeverHailey, I think I'm in love with you ;)

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